Coronavirus Worldwide Emergency




Dear and highly esteemed readers, visitors, members of the circles, Brothers and Sisters,



I appeal to all of you who read.


We are facing an extreme and unexpected challenge, never before faced by humanity in such proportions.

Given the complex international situation, at present it is unthinkable that we can rationally hope to return to a normal situation in the short or medium distance, but it is much more reasonable to take into account that we will be affected for months if not more.

All this means that our lifestyle is about to be brutally questioned and everything that in normal times was the cornerstone of our daily lives, can now be subverted at any time and for any reason. For all these reasons, it is necessary, to such a violent attack, to respond with equally drastic measures.

After a scrupulous analysis and by virtue of the causes of force majeure that justify us, it was decided to promote the restoration of the meetings of the Cercle Sigebert IV in exclusive video-conference mode.

The aim is to safeguard the cohesion of the groups and to guarantee the members the possibility to continue their inner journey within the CS IV, Chapters or Commanderies, carrying out all activities on-line except rituals.

The activities that will be carried out are those found in the CS IV ordinary meeting protocol and the meetings will be preceded by regular convocation and followed by the usual minutes, therefore they will be considered regular CS IV meetings in every aspect.

The publication of articles and books continues, with the promotion of our authors, exactly as before.

At the same time, all new candidates will be included in these videoconferences and thus be tested as would have been the case in ordinary meetings.

In times of strong pressure like these, it is not enough to rely on goodwill and motivation, as they are mental structures that draw energy from emotions, therefore they are the first to waver in the face of difficulties, while the discipline, supported by the method, are tools that never abandon us, because they are an implacable automatism that continues to allow us to produce, giving us the opportunity to build today, to be able to enjoy, if not today, tomorrow, when we will also have the serenity to see things with different eyes.

We must understand and take the measures of the new reality around us, because only in this way will we be able to find the key to adapt to it and continue to thrive.

A sage a few years ago said:

“Do not be a single form, adapt it and build it on yourself: be like water. Free your mind, be formless, without limits like water. If you put water in a cup, it becomes a cup. If you put it in a bottle, it becomes a bottle. If you put it in a river, it becomes a river. Be water my friend, be water. "

With the best feelings of fraternal solidarity.



Marco Rigamonti

Grand Master and Nautonnier of the Order - Jean XXVII

Prieuré de Sion Ordre de la Rose-Croix Véritas O.D.L.R.C.V. International

Coronavirus Worldwide Emergency 2020