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Theurgy and mystical practice

Theurgy and mystical practice

For Theurgy we mean all that baggage of ritual knowledge, theoretical and operative which would put in connection with the "One" or "All", or "Universal Consciousness", even called "God".


Theurgy is the esoteric Art which can allow men to "Experience" being "God "or other entities and even other spiritual realities when it is still in mortal guise.


Operational approach adopted by the Priory of Sion from the educational phase to the ritualistic operations, bases its foundations on functionality and intuitivity, through a reworking of his knowledge which is the result of a culmination of their wealth of esoteric knowledge, managed in an intuitive system organized in a modern operational key, which branches off essentially in a learning management and in an experimental methodology designed in a manner which is effective for the individual member and to the general experiential enrichment which consequently then get reflected on the whole Order.


It will be possible for the true Initiate, reaching such a practice efficiency and such a degree of spiritual connection with the "One" or other exogenous spiritual realities, that he will be able to effortlessly make the experience of different ultra-worldly entities, in a psychological and spiritual level ; each of these experiences will have powerful consequences in the Initiate awareness, making him grow inwardly up to unimaginable heights for an ordinary layman; This process continued over time, is called "Deification".


Through the Deification it is possible to progressively bring the human condition closer to the Divine's, gradually over time, with results in daily life, simply inconceivable than previous possibilities.


It 'also known, that any progress achieved in this life, as well as change the quality of the same, will have a decisive weight, after physical death, since the difference between men and Gods is essentially this enlargement of Consciousness and Awareness.


Die after passing a certain path, means being masters of our life even after "death".


The Priory of Sion, over time, has been able to investigate its knowledge, put it always in discussion without never trust blindly really no single aspect as a Dogma, but relying instead experimental assiduous practice, through the question to spiritual entities and the connection to the One.


It was through this kind of path that we have come to understand in depth the esoteric's mechanics, inviolable by the majority of Adepts, confined in a dogmatic approach.


We have therefore drawn a new "coordinate" successfull since the start for the Novice as or the Initiate, as well for the Adept.



"Notre Trésor, celui du Prieuré de Sion, est le Secret du Roc-Noir...e seul l'initié pouvait comprendre que le trésor n'était pas de l'or, mais l'énergie considérable dont dispose le Maître du génie qui connaît le secret"



Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair 

Theurgy and mystical practice - Priory of Sion