The Priory of Sion is an international initiatory Order of Chivalry, of mystical and esoterical character of Rosicrucian influence, who sets himself the task of supporting and nurturing personal growth, moral and spiritual, with respect and in harmony with the personal objectives that each of us, by nature ,has to carry through in life experience.

It's also our purpose the proper practice of the esoteric discipline and the study and research related to the transcendent and mystical in an environment of communion with other Brothers and Sisters Members of the Order.

The Priory of Sion today inherits a tradition of humanistic, philosophical, spiritual and cultural legacy, which favors the cultivation of values ​​and principles that offers the way to live a more aware and noble personal dimension.

We work through symbols, ancient rituals, theurgic practice and traditions, in order to live a personal and collective sprirituality in communion with our Brothers and Sisters.

The Order is apolitical and forbids its members to be made a place of political debate, or even worse, to be exploited for such purposes.


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