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Man, like every other living being on earth, incarnated in a biological body, it is subject to suffer the lingering illusion that the world he lives in is the only available, as it is the only one which he can perceive with the five senses.


The same brain memory, being part of a biological organism, can not hold the memory relative to other lives, which is contained only in the memory of our spiritual component.


In addition to all this, even the vulgar and profane official culture, advocates the earthly existence as the only one to be considered real and demonstrable.


For all these reasons, the perception that man has of this life is that it is the only one that has a tangible certainty, consequently, all aspects and problems of everyday life take on a definitive and absolute value.


It is precisely the exchange of this illusion for reality, to put at risk our full evolution.


This "reality" constantly blackmails us, providing uninterrupted reasons to be afraid and therefore desist from facing the consequences of our proper struggles and actions, necessary to complete our personal experience and giving our overall contribution.


Fear to go broke, fear of losing job, fear of losing social approval and so on.


Whenever we decide to carry on to the end our projects and implement our choices, or what the uninitiated simplistically define "doing things our own way", we find ourselves inevitably to clash with the interests and feelings of someone else; This is statistical and coherent, but it is not a problem that can affect the actions of a spiritually aware individual.


Is there a Kárman (adapted from the Sanskrit term in the westernized of Karma) and the true Initiate, never rebels against his own, and he never try to change it shortsightedly to achieve his immediate and summaries desires in this transitional state.


Kárman is established in relation to very deep aspects of the individual, that not everyone can bring to light in the conscious mind.


We believe that the more the individual is spiritually aware and ready to grow inwardly, the more Kárman will get more specific, detailed and compelling, and that is how the fate becomes less random.


Kárman is therefore a "script" of the experience that the individual has to realize here to the best of his ability and in fields and ways of his competence.


When the abovementioned thruth is viscerally penetrated by the Initiate, he does not fear anything on this earth as could have been feared earlier, since each threat is hierarchically placed categorically below the realization of self through Kárman.

Destiny - Priory of Sion