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Sang Real - Priory of Sion

Anyone who is interested in the knowledge of the events related to Rennes le Chateau and consequently to his connection with the Order of the Priory of Sion, is looking to know what there is today as objectively tangible, real and provable on the issue about the supposed descendants of Jesus Christ and the Magdalene.

We are here to give an answer that is adequate to this public context.

With regard to the specific subject under an historical perspective, we confirm that we obviously do not hold, not even remotely, any certain documentary evidence confirming the possibility of a proven and demonstrable descent; however, this possible Jesus Christ's descent should be not just Merovingian, as commonly known, but also external to the same.

We believe that the coherent chronological order of the events reported by the sources and the relative reliability of the alleged recipients sources that have allowed us to receive these testimonies from the past can be a reasonable step for the comfort of these testimonies from the point of view of the direct receivers, that are us as the Priory of Sion, but, because of all those factors, we do not have the indisputable certainty and proven reliability, giving the objective and concrete evidence capable of valuing these testimonies beyond any reasonable doubt; We can not therefore take moral and ethical responsibility of promoting this belief merely by virtue of deductions for us broadly plausible but not reasonably demonstrable.

What we would like to highlight, for the first time in this public context, is that in reality, the Priory of Sion, which can not and will not ignore this oral heritage in its entirety and in its connection, for us clear, specificly and directly with respect to different and particular initiatiatory teachings of the Order, which are secrets kept from us and perpetrated experimentally, has decided to identify as Sang Real or even as the Holy Grail, not only with the lineage of Jesus Christ, but also the combination born by an alchemic secret identified in time and potentially accessible to anyone, rear contextualized as a missing piece to our previous initiatory operating system and a consequent achievement of an initiatory achievement given that, in fact joined this alchemical secret, results in that empowering of conscience which could allow the Man's condition to get closer to the Divine Being's condition.

The message of Jesus Christ was above all things, esoteric; the aim was to make available to common people, the knowledge of esoteric notions that till that time were exclusive right of the Priests and certain noblemen.

"Truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the same works that I do, he will do bigger ones than these, because I go unto my Father."

John 14:12