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Introduction to the Website


Introduction - Priory of Sion

In this portal, we want to give to the sincere and deserving seeker, some answers concerning certain questions in relation to the history of our Venerable Order and to some of the mysteries related to it.


Doing this, we will made sure to do not disclose accidentally, directly, or even crosswise any of the initiatiory or historical secrets of the Priory of Sion to the public; For this reason, everything that does not get mentioned in the Site, it will be because it is part or otherwise directly related to the inviolable mysteries of the Order.


The need for confidentiality interlaced nature that binds interdependently historical and initiatic Secrets of the Priory of Sion, was one of the major reasons because of which we have waited so long to re-open an official and direct channel with the public.


Not being able to freely expose several key elements of which many are historians, there has been some difficulty, we are now focused to manage, to provide immediately to the sincere seeker the proper "key" to get correctly in relation with our Order, without risking to penetrate prematurely knowledge and concepts that arise from their indisputable reason to remain hidden to most people, according to a principle not of only initiatory nature, but also strategic for the Order's longevity and its traditions's.


Who becomes part of the Priory of Sion believes in the goodness and worth of the ultimate goal of the Order, which is the personal inner growth and the protection of important knowledge and secrets in the first place and secondly to throw "diagonally" a seed of this knowledge to all mankind, through the members of his community; by Novice Member to Adept of the Order, all the Brothers and Sisters of the Order of the Priory of Sion knows that to reach the Light and serve this work, it is not necessary to directly know every detail and knowledge of it without being ready, if unable to assimilate its essence, which would be not only useless, but certainly counterproductive.


The present Site is meant to be essentially a guide to those who, sincerely motivated, have a desire to know more about the Priory of Sion - Ordre de la Rose-Croix Véritas, in order to know the "how" it is appropriate to approach the relationship with our Venerable Order and understand the motivations of certain past and present choices, apparently more or less striking, which knowledge is in the public domain.


This therefore is not intended as an opportunity to reveal free and sensational disproportionately or unpublished mysteries to the public, rather than just a guide and a help to those who feel close to our ideals and seek the Light.


In no way the mystical or ritual activity of the Priory of Sion, could have any connection or performing any operation linked to evil spiritual entities and none of the rituals or activities of any nature inside ou Order, sees actions which might harm to themselves or to others, in any way.


At the same time, the Priory of Sion does not tighten associations of any kind, or maintains relations with any association, organization or individual that is connected to spiritual activities that are not clearly unrelated to practices that have as their purpose the perpretration of evil in any form or the connection with spiritual forces that are evil.