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Earthly Life

Mortality is a parenthesis of our eternal existence; the situation in which our spiritual component, experiences the material existence with all its limitations.


The material limits of earthly life, make it possible challenges and otherwise impossible situations, which are part of a growth path that will continue after this mortal life, but in other ways.


Measure the own inner capacities, competing with a material environment and using finite and limited resources, it is the only way through which we can effectively compare and improve.


Are needed concrete and material limits, to test skills, attitudes, knowledge and spiritual temper.


Every earthly experience, being limited by the physicality and concreteness, can provide the illusion of the provisional and of the feeling of unstability, which makes  possible the experience of danger, enabling us to live them as if they were real and absolute, making possible a life experience that would be impossible to live, when you are not connected to a body, since by disembodied we remember all lives and is known to be eternal.


All these physical and biological laws, which give rise to certain situations, are real only here in this physical dimension and not in the Eternal, and only here, we can have this experience and get into any interior enrichment that follows.


People come here to make a unique experience, where you live situations and train skills which should otherwise untrainable from an eternal reality, where you do not have a biological body and where you are in an environment that is not tied to certain limits that force us to engage our personal resources and even unfortunately to suffer, as would never be possible, if we become aware of our eternal nature.


In this earthly existence, what matters is to make a life experience and understand its content.


In this perspective, we believe that at the individual level of everyday life the concept of "error" or "mistake", as commonly conceived, is an objective false, in the sense that we do not believe we can ever really do something "wrong" in the sense commonly intended. In fact every time we act, everyone does the "best he can" in an attempt to complete his "experience"; It is the common culture that classifies unduly an act as wrong in an absolute sense, unfairly judging its author, evaluating gestures or an action solely and exclusively from the material result which gets generated by it, but in reality, the individual has just made the " best that was possible "in an attempt to realize himself, which can not be seen as a mistake, as you can not assume that a hypothetical artist or a scientist is really wrong, in attempts in which seeks to test his theories or express his talent.


It is a lack of knowledge of the general situation, to give rise to the aforementioned misunderstanding.


We believe that as the Universe continues to expand, so it may also be the Consciousness, both individual as well as the Universal Consciousness, to continue expanding; because of this it is reasonable to assume that also the amount of Souls is possibly increasing.


For this reason, many Souls possibly are of recent origin and have to experience all at the same time, many already old Souls, do not come back to try their hand again in this earthly existence.

It's for this reason that most of the people are slaves of the experiences of life, such as wealth, sex and other earthly activities; is a problem that also takes place at the cognitive level, as long as the individual has still not assimilated the experience in its entirety, it will be dependent on it, just because instinctively he feels the need to "own" the experience itself.


The child who experiences the chocolate, it is greedy and efforts in curbing his appetite, this is because that experience, however banal, has not yet been assimilated and for this reason, the priority is expressed in its repetition.


Desiring something too much, is a "poverty index" in its context and does not necessarily mean a material poverty, but more often an "inner" one; till the subject fails to assimilate sufficiently that experience, he will stay dependent from the desire to repeat it whatever his true will is.


It is essentially a cognitive problem, consequently intellectual and spiritual; the individual repeats several times, but could fail to become aware enough over that experience, which is why, often without realizing it, he feels the desperate need to repeat the experience on and on, becoming objectively a succubus to it; this can happen with any material experience, such as power, money, sex and vices.


It can be asserted, that the concept of "abstinence", professed by different spiritual doctrines, is actually an absolute misunderstanding, because in fact, considered this vision, not counting the sterile abstinence as a goal in itself, we consider the evolution over this aspect, being able, once innerly reached awareness in certain experiences, to not being dependent to them anymore, becoming truly able to choose whether to follow or not drives or desires.


It can be concluded by asserting that during life the repetition of the experiences is therefore an essential and powerful mechanic to assimilate concepts, basic skills and every experiences which will surely lead to the growth, regardless of its nature; at the same time, it is not simply repeating an experience many times, enough for the inner assimilation, but it is essential, the training of the cognitive ability, as well as the intellectual and spiritual's, which can make the assimilation of experiences effective, in comparison to the number of times that were repeated.



"The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom"


William Blake



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