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The human being, is essentially composed of two parts, an organic part and a spiritual one.

Our organic part is the one through which the spiritual part is expressed when it can.

This distinction is clearer, as it is easy to confuse our mental and physiological activities with the spiritual influence.

Most of the time, in practice and daily life, almost every thought is only the result of a pure brain processing, which operates exactly like a computer, performing calculations that take the form of thoughts.

In this sense, then, we have a spiritual influence on our personal biological part, that when it emerges, our mind gets in contact with our '' essence" which is our true nature, expanding our human dimension beyond the ordinary.

Our spiritual part thus contributes to the formation of thought emerged from the biological mind, through inspiration, suggestions, insights and other methods which are also forms of thought, but very often different in content from ordinary thought, that comes from the mind of the physical body; distinguish the matrix of these two kinds of thinking, it is possible in some cases, for those who have assimilated certain notions and has learned to interpret the quality and type of one's thoughts in this context.

It's clear that the more time our personal intellectual activity is based on the repetition of systems and ways of perceiving themselves and the world, approved, automatic, superficial and not introspective, the lesser our spiritual part could express itself by taking to the surface, which is our organic mind, our "true self."

The cerebral capacity, which can be consider a dowry, is actually, in some perspective, just a limit, like many others, if we consider that a non-embodied spiritual entity does not need to process the thoughts through a physical organ, linked to a defined limit in computational capabilities.

Not surprisingly, very often, it can happen to mentally solve a problem that had not been able to solve with hours of reasonings, through an impromptu insight received in a single moment, perhaps while even thought of something else. That may be a thought that comes to us from the unconscious, or from our spiritual mind or even from the Universal Consciousness or G.A.O.T.U. Through the unconscious to our conscious mind.

It's necessary to expand the consciousness, thus collaterally our conscious mind, to be capable to decode and understand the thoughts and suggestions sent to us by the unconscious, which often serves as a bridge to the Universal Consciousness.

Living the Spirituality then, does not mean only devote himself to studies and related practices.

We just can not take care of our spiritual side unless we take care also of our biological part; cure our biological part, so our brain mind and body, will give us the basic harmony to receive the "seed" from our spiritual part, and then we will make the experience of our spiritual side, even in this biological mind.

Our spiritual part, also holds the memory relative to our current life and our other lives; this memory is inaccessible to the conscious, at a direct and deliberate level, but it can be accessed, with subjective results, through a variety of meditation techniques used alone or inside some ritual.

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