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Since 1848, there is no King of the French or King of France! however, two families claims the right to govern the country:

The Bourbon Bourbon House from 1683, the bourgeois branch of the Bourbons, descendants of Henry IV and of whom the Count of Chambord is the last heir

Orleans' house since 1640 and the orleans-bragance brazilian branch. branch of orleans cadet of which the Count of Paris, nephew of Luigi Philip I is the representative. his ancestor, philippe egalite, voted 'the death of his cousin, luigi xvi.

Therefore the monarchy is divided into two factions. the father of the future Count of Chambord, Charles Ferdinand d'artois, Duc de Berry (Versailles 24 January 1778 – Pari,s February 14, 1820 dies murdered by the hand of a certain Louvel on 13 February).

His wife, Marie-Caroline de Borbon Sicilian, Duchesse of Berry (Palermo 1798-16 April 1870 stirring at brunnsee) is pregnant; in fact the Duke of Bordeaux will be called "the son of the miracle".

Duke of Bordeaux, then Count of Chambord title that preserves until his death, renouncing the title of Henry v, King of the French.

Doubts about fatherhood are there ... but another scandal comes to the Duchess ... after the ruin will follow x carlo x in exile and try to be called "regent" of his son Henry V. He will then return clandestinely to France in 1832 to raise the shit, but the fate and the Duchesse arrested, confess to being pregnant. But who was the father?

During the captivity, a daughter named Anna-Maria was born and was forced to confess that she had married in great secrecy in Rome with Count Lucchesi-Palis, Palermo.

On June 8, 1833, he will leave France for Palermo, witnessing this marriage, a document found in the national archives with testimony in favor by Count Leon de Rouchechouart. In addition, another document authenticating the wedding comes to light in June 2007; wedding celebrated by Jesuit father, Jean-Louis rosé, extracted from the secret archives of the great vicariate of Rome.

So it is true!

Sparrow bourgeois beatrice (1874-1961, born of bourgeois daughter (1848-1909), bridal bride, prince of roviano / viareggio (1868-1944).

At the death of his brother, Beatrice inherits the Castle of Frohsdorf!

For many many years, everything seems to be lost, but here are some twenty caches discovered, invented by the archives of the city of lucca under the words "archbishop of Bourbons, legendist of France."

In January of 2001, a first cataloging job is done !!!

First question, why the city of lucca? why in italy?

daisy daisy, was born in the estate of viareggio flat, her husband, the Countess, having died in Lucca in 1853, had given the archives of Count and Chambord Conte in the city of Lucca!

I was fortunate enough to consult these archives and verify the large number of correspondence, 1515 letters, many notes and more to be cataloged from different backgrounds; manuscripts of the Count of Chambord of his trips to Greece, Turkey and Jerusalem; military papers and seedlings; memorials and reports; collected on the real hounds under luigi xv; a talk made by the abandoned trebuquet for the marriage with the archdeacon maria teresa d'este-austra; documents in German; newspaper clippings of the time; letters of the Countess of Chambord to the Countess of Chabannes; letters of the duchesa d'angouleme or madame royale, primogenita of luigi xvi and maria antonietta; circourt letters; small tickets written in the morning from the count to his faithful secretary and trusted man, moricet.

Surely the Count of Chambord, as the heir of the French chapel, had to be in possession of many private archives of his grandfather, archives that did not remain in France after 1830!

January 1840; chancellor of the Count meets with the Pope in the Vatican; he lives in Naples by his uncle Ferdinando II, King of Naples; passes in Tuscany with stop at assisi; stops in Florence; He also goes from Bologna to greet the Cardinale Macchi (31/8/1770 - 30/9/1860) an elderly apostolic apostle of Paris where 20 years before, the cardinal had called him "child of the Europe" and had seen in this birth, a divine blessing.

But it is certain that our country Italy plays an important role for these crowned heads:

The Count of Chambord purchases in Venice the Cavalli-Franchetti palace.

In 1844, his mother bought the palace where the composer wagner composed his Opera, the “Parsifal”. On the wall there is a plate to remember. then auctioning the Duchess's property; Later, the Lucca heirs will give it to him and in 1946 the palace will go to the town of Venice and become a Casino .... mah !!!


Letter of submission of the Count of Bourgeois to Count Deword dated August 7, 1840 for the Marquis of Hautpoul. because I was asked to pick him right? little connection with our Rennes le Château story?


Letter from the Count of Chambord to Moricet - it speaks of a relic ... but of which relic is it?


The Duchess of Angouleme said from Vienna to Marie-Luise "pray god every day to grant me the grace of living long enough to see fallen philosopher and rejuvenate Henry V" (from the book of daniel montplaisir "the comte de chambord, pgg .260).

the mystery of real death or Luigi xvii knots is still alive; the enemies of the largest branch of the bourbon had an interest in remaining doubts. so it was questioned the legitimacy of the count of chambord, the future enrico v.

only terrible maria could take away this complicated mystery between the true / false xvii luigi that appeared in those years ... that are 44 luigi ... and a document cataloged as "trieste manuscript" that rests in the city and which continues to raise still questions !!!

another dark spot is the death of the Count! after eating strawberries on June 13, his words were "I was poisoned".

perhaps it was Don Wood who had been to his bedside and also a confessor and I had warned him from the people around him: "You doubt about the Masons, they have long arms in our religious houses and for little interest count, infiltrate and act. "

in his book, the author montplaisir, pp. 595/596, writes of changes between the staff of Count's kitchens, strange waiters arrived from Lugano surrounded by a mysterious note never clarified ...

to his death, the count will be embezzled by doctors konrath and stanzel; later he will be the vulpian doctor who will recognize the lesions he observed and could not be produced by a chemical poison but by the absorption of glass or diamond powder mixed with food (montplaisir pgg.587).

shortly before delivering to the Countess his writings except for 21 pages he had burned before but with the will to write it again ... Unfortunately I did not have time to do it !!!


what would he write?


"We only know that the Prince had the intention, revealed to someone very close to him and to people present in his recent moments, to pardon the offenses suffered by the orleans princes without revealing his position as far as the succession to the throne "(montplaisir p. 600).


he will leave the widow the total usufruct of his fortune and real estate estimated at that time in twenty million francs; two-thirds of naked property to the Duke of Parma as well as the Chambord estate; the remaining third to the Count of Bardi; servants, religious operatives, and some members of his family ... (p.601).


reads on page 621/622 of the Montplaisir book: "The Countess of Chambord invites Eugene Marquigny in January 1884 to go to frohsdorf to catalog his husband's records."

here is the father's words upon his arrival at the castle: "I am alone in this vast tomb, only with papers and books. Madame tells me everything and trusts me all as if she were part of the family. are accumulated treasures, the diary of Monsignor (the Count), over thirty volumes written by his hand, the newspaper of his life .. over a dozen enormous notebooks where his travels are told .. and the letters !!!

father marquigny, orders, classifies everything with great care and above all covers the prince's newspaper with the title "Monsignor's Journal".

but is this the document copied from the hand of the father who is now in the archives of lucca?

two manuscripts of this newspaper were stolen from the archive ...


but marquigny father dies with a hemorrhage on August 5, 1885, without successor; the contingent renounces, saying, "that the will of the Lord be done".

here is the countess strangely associated with the mystery of rlc and sauniere having agreed to make a gift of 3000 francs.


"... man (sauniere) does not have any personal luck. the hautpoul family, of which a member was the governor of the Bordeaux Duke, helps and warns the Countess of Chambord. then maria teresa sends money to this priest who is faithful to the monarchy. however, the rumor of his secret visit to rennes and his encounter with saunier would be spread, which would reveal "the great secret" (montplaisri pag.623).

But no document attests to or confirms this visit!

There were curious and interesting people in the entourage of Count Chambord, see:

Joachim barrande, general commander of the goods

the baron de damas

as it may be noted that some people have had important roles; we are under the empire, young Catholic men organize themselves as secret societies "Knights of the Faith" founded in 1810 to defend Catholicism and legitimate monarchy.

What did chateaubriand say?

"The throne of Saint Louis without the religion of Saint Louis is an absurd supposition"

another congregation is rebuilt, founded on the foundations of the congregation of the Holy Virgin founded in Rome in 1560 by two priests: legris-duval and pierre ronsin.

of the latter, I have no information but in return for legris-duval we know he was the confessor of Louis XVI, attended the Saint-Sulpice seminary in 1876 and ordained priest in 1890.

we are in the period of our history and Saunière ...


Anna Maria Mandelli

"Commemoration of the centenary of the death of Abbot Bérenger Saunière"

"Commemoration of the centenary of the death of Abbot Bérenger Saunière" - Priory of Sion

Saturday 21 and Sunday 22, 2017, will have place the cultural and artistic event


"Commemoration of the centenary of the death of Abbot Bérenger Saunière"


Sponsored by


- Association Terre de Rhedae

- La Gazette de Rennes-le-Château (http://www.portail-rennes-le-chateau.com Site Web - Page Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GazetteDeRennesLeChateau/?pnref=lhc)

- Légendes d'Oc

- Le Jardin de Marie

- Le Musée domaine de l'Abbée Saunière


Germain Blanc-Delmas

Jean Brunelin

Christian Doumergue

Jean-Michel Pous

Michel Vallet (alias Pierre Jarnac)


We wish to emphasize the value and the absolute uniqueness of this event, organized and implemented by some of the cultural associations, writers, artists and historians more prepared and referenced on the subject of Rennes le Château.


This absolutely outstanding team, will put at your disposal all their knowledge about Rennes le Chateau and Berenger Sauniere, using their talent, their art and their knowledge, in a cultural event which is historic for its importance; the event will take place into two days.


It will take place also a dinner at the Villa Béthanie and a theaterelized guided tour of high artistic and cultural level.


The Program will be articulated as follows


Saturday, January 21 14:30 - Conference about Abbot Sauniere - his life and his legacy (free enter)

Saturday, January 21 at 19:30 - Dinner - "a la table de l'Abbé" (cost of 25 euros - all inclusive)

RESERVATION REQUIRED BY JANUARY 12, BY CALLING OR BY e-mail TO tourisme@legendes-doc.com

Sunday, January 22 - 14.00 Guided tour dramatized - (cost 10 Euro) - Reservations required at or by e-mail to tourisme@legendes-doc.com

Sunday, January 22 - 14.00 – Friendly Tribute




The direct Link to the event's page on "La Gazette de Rennes-le-Château"



"Darcus, The Monk Warrior" - the Comic

"Darcus, The Monk Warrior" - the Comic - Priory of Sion

Thanks to the kind and generous concession of Marco Ballò (drawings), Luigi Serra (screenplay) and Count and Baron Costantino Mazzanobile D'Aragona (subject), we have the privilege of being able to freely distribute the comic "Darcus - The Monk Warrior"

It's actually having place a negotiation to shoot a film and create a videogame on Darcus, which we'll keep informed the public through this channel.

The Comic can be already downloaded for free through this PDF.



At the light of the historical and heraldic research, referring to official literature sources and accredited by authoritative heraldic institutions, say, the Mazzanobile family, appears to have been one of the most ancient and noble families of the Kingdom of Aragona.


Jerónimo Street Zurita y Castro, says - that in the year 1096, during the Kingdom of Don Pietro's, took place a great battle against the Moors called the Battle of Alcoraz; attended by many knights, among others, a valiant knight, named Darcus Mazzanobile of Spain.


The bloody battle of Alcoraz, sees opposing the Crown of Aragon, committed to recapture the territory against the Moors, who occupied most of the iberian peninsula. After various uncertain and bloody events of the war, with almost defeated the Aragonesians, suddenly interjected the noble Darcus Mazzanobile, dressed in white and with a large red cross, blazing in the chest, followed by eight hundred valiant soldiers of Gascony, armed to the teeth with swords and iron maces, overturned the fate of the war and succeeded in conquering the city of Huesca, a few kilometers from Barcelona.


It ties between history and legend, the origin of the Sardinian Flag, some scholars speculate that the coat of arms of Sardinia, is derived from the battle of Alcoraz, because of the four severed heads of four Muslim rulers with the turban on his head. The story goes that Darcus, brought to the king of Aragona the heads of Muslims, becoming part of the coat of arms of Aragona.


This symbol has come to this day, as the current flag and symbol of Sardinia and banner of the four Moors.



Count Baron Constantine Mazzanobile D'Aragona, interviewed about the history of his ancestor, says:


"I am pleased with the noble deeds of my ancestor Darcus Mazzanobile the Servant of God, monk-warrior, Apostle of Christ who has contributed in giving the flag of the Four Moors, the flag and symbol of Sardinia"

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