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Biological "Reincarnation"

Biological "Reincarnation"

The definition of Reincarnation, commonly refers to the process that brings the spiritual component of man or of another creature in a new body.


According with our studies and more recent investigations, we came to the convinction that brings us to exclude this possibility.


Technically, it can be said that when the man gives birth to his offspring, in fact, has already taken place a kind of "reincarnation", someway, through the DNA and the hereditary Genes.


The person will inherit aspects of the character, talents, skills, and other characteristics that belonged to his parents, grandparents and ancestors.


Buddhism, which had identified some of these hereditary mechanics, but not knowing the mechanisms of DNA or its existence, misunderstood these processes as spiritual, while identifying, in our opinion, many other real and important aspects of these processes.


Indeed, it has to be consider, that anyone alive today, benefits at a latent level, of the memory of the ancestors, although this is not available on a conscious level. This dynamic, on the individual, has the same repercussions of what Buddhists call "reincarnation."


To prove this, just consider the talent inherited by so-called "Sons of art" or science; just think of the great musicians, especially pianists, category highly representative in this context, through cases that are not at all uncommon, as pianist composers since the age of nine years, demonstrating a possession of both artistic and human skills, really too early to be solely the result of the study and application.


It seems that this baggage, as this information in the DNA of the heir, emerge with ease when it comes into contact with activities that require the use of precisely those qualities or talents inherited at a latent level.


At the same time, it is clear that will be inherited also the deficiencies or even negative qualities in all that concerns the person.


The Bible says that the "sins" of the fathers will fall upon the children, which will be punished for the sins of their predecessors.


"The fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children's teeth are set on edge" *


(Jeremiah, 31)


What was meant is that through hereditary genes, also the negative aspects and the bad qualities can be inherited from our ancestors; like it happens with positive qualities, even human flaws may "grow", being implemented through epigenetic mechanics, leaving a trace in the DNA, in the form of information, which can be inherited through the Genes.


It is coherent to infer that might be inherited, latently, even traumas, which can affect the life of the heir of the genetic heritage; at this purpose, it is significative the documentation of healings through the so-called "regressive hypnosis", therapy in which the patient is brought into hypnosis to "regress" to the alleged "Past Lives". In this procedure, through hypnosis, would be reached the traumatic event in the memory that would have originated the psychological issue, in order to become aware of it with the aim to metabolize it, in order to heal the trauma.


We believe plausible that those memories are from the genetic patrimony of the heir's ancestors, which could influence positively or negatively on the psychological life of the heir.


In this sense, we see a further similarity, to what is called Karma by buddhists, applied only to the genetic inheritance and not to a supposed spiritual heritage.


We believe, according with our studies, reflections and research, that the individual's Spiritual Component, is born with the body, through DNA, which needs a biological body to form a Spiritual Component.


It is in the DNA that would then also be present the code for the development of the Spiritual Component, formed from what is technically classified as "Dark Matter" in physics and cosmology.


This "Spiritual Body", then it may separate from the biological body at the time of its death.


The purpose of biological life, would then be, primarily, to give life to us also as a Spiritual Component, through a biological body, only to then abandone it like a butterfly leaves the previous caterpillar rests.



* Said about acid fruits, which produces in the mouth and teeth an unpleasant sensation.





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