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Role of Man

Role of Man

We believe that man's role in the world around him, should not be short-sighted dominance over other creatures or obtuse, destructive and blind sense of ownership toward the planet like there was is no tomorrow than for the present generation, but, an harmonious coexistence with the environment that houses and other creatures that are actually invested with the same dignity and objective importance in relation to man.

One of the major misconceptions to deceive the human being is the gross presumption to be "superior" in value and importance than the other creatures inhabitants of the planet only because of his cognitive resources and his ability to impact on the environment in which he lives; This is manifested in the most typical demonstration of petty limitations of human potential degrading into the most blind ignorance which then finds manifestation on the material plane through excessive exploitation of the environment and the harassment of the animals; these attitudes are dangerous to the other creatures and to the planet, but for the man himself as well because endangering of its even more complex inner growth, compared to other species, which will never happen without an adequate understanding of the value of all existing natural life and the development of an harmonious relations with it.

This false belief of superiority or right of having no regard of the environment and the lives of other creatures, born from a simplistic and crude branch of modern pseudo-culture blindly centered in the defense of human material supremacy over other species and it does not takes into consideration all the spiritual component and Divine nature of the animated creatures.

Man has the same dignity as other existing creatures, no more, no less; every creature has heard a Soul, this spiritual part can be "expressed" with greater potential and consequently gets furtherly improved by a larger mind capability, this means a greater chance of evolving and perfecting the spriritual side, no more existential value of a life compared to another.

Many ancient cultures, custodian of a sophisticated knowledge of the spiritual world, like the Egyptians, just as an example, knew that in animals there was this "divine spark" as humans; not for nothing, the cat was an animal considered sacred and were dedicated to him works, laws and sculptures. 

Man compared to other species, is more able to perfect spiritually at an higher potential level, but also in the realization of this potential, however, is not to become objectively higher, as "Being" value, compared to other living creatures which are his brothers in creation, but only states have reached a higher level of evolution and this does not mean that two emanations of the same "Divine matter" holds a different value or a different significance depending on the attainment of a certain state of spiritual awareness, changes only the present state of development, not the objective value of each individual life.

Every creature is a "God Ray" equal to all others; beam that is embodied in the body to make a lifetime experience on the material plane, different in type and in the performance, but from the very same source.

The mind is a tool for our Divine Being, in a manner essentially similar to how it could be another member of the rest of the body, even if technically, more directly related to our spiritual part.

Unfortunately our own mind can trick us, through this abundance of cognitive abilities, which, when used to an inadequate level of awareness, may give rise to the phenomenon of concentration in sectoral intellectual resources, which then prevents the individual to contemplate the "overview", creating false beliefs, because based on sectoral and arbitrary informations.

The businessman who decides to illegally download the dross of its structures at sea, in the same land in which he lives, in order to earn more and to open further branches, later may eventually cry his same son felt ill because of this; this hypothetical person is not intended to be equipped with a "wise" intelligence, but with a short-sighted rationality, blurred because the influence of a crude and simplistic sub-culture, characteristic of this era and which has not been able to cope intellectually and spiritually.

We are convinced that this disastrous cultural heritage accumulated over time, it can be today, paradoxically, a valuable tool to "reflect us" in what we're doing, letting us better recognize who we are and realize ourselves spiritually and intellectually through the actions we take.

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