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Meditation is the "key" that allows us to get in connection with different realities, internal or external to our person, otherwise totally inaccessible.


Our subconscious mind, for example, is not something that can emerge spontaneously through a deliberate act, not that you give way to be solicited by a state of altered consciousness, such as hypnosis or meditation.


In our subconscious, they reside a wisdom and a completely free intelligence from every frame of mind or inhibition; reach the subconscious therefore, can afford to have access to a resource of potential not comparable to those of which we are normally conscious of, which are subject to psychological and cultural constraints.


The systems of thought, very frequently, can direct us to solutions that take into account only a part of the possibilities, tending to omit routes that are not consistent with your usual way of thinking and seeing things; This precludes the possibility of easily guess solutions outside of our personal system of thought and this does not help the growth of the individual.


Whenever during meditation emerge thoughts that enlighten the understanding of something, we have brought some of that wisdom to the conscious level, and at the same time we are learning new perspectives of thought.


Meditation also has a mystical application; it is common practice during the rites, enter meditation, using special techniques, which may vary depending on the subject or the ritual, in order to expand our ability to "decode" external inputs from us urged and otherwise imperceptible.


Meditation can bring the organic mind to be more in touch with our spiritual component implementing the ability of perception, thus allowing us to see things that we could never see from an ordinary stage of consciousness.


The aim then is to open, through this channel, direct communication with spiritual entities of any nature; by some altered state of consciousness, a spiritual entity can be seen both with our eyes closed than in some cases having open eyes; the possibility of a high quality of communication is in the depth and stability of the altered state of consciousness, which is the "channel" for receiving certain signals that our brain and our sensory apparatus, usually fail to register.


Through this operativity, it would be possible to communicate, and in some cases, see, spiritual entities of all kinds, including of course the dead.


With meditation, you can also have access to the memories inherited at a latent level from our ancestors (often mistaked as "past lives"); These memories are not normally accessible and are located respectively in both our spiritual part as in our biological memory.


Using different methods, you can reach both the spiritual memory than the organic one.


In accordance with the statement made by Milton Erickson, psychiatrist, psychotherapist and U.S. researcher, biological memories, are organized to "watertight compartments", being "tied" to a definite psychological state, relative to that precise memory, just like dreams or certain memories of a time when the subject was under the influence of psychotropic drugs, alcohol or drugs.


Every night we dream, but we remember a very little part of what we dreamt, the next day, because we are no longer in that state of sleeping, so, the brain does not give us access anymore to those memories.


It is believed that this mechanism also applies to the memories inherited at a latent level from our ancestors.


The only way to access all of these memories, it is using a "password" like an hypnotic state or reaching an altered state of consciousness through a meditation technique.


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