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The alchemical secret

 - Priory of Sion

Being the Grail something that develops inwardly and not therefore a cup or a physical object, which are only symbolic representation, it can seen that to get to the true knowledge that can be used as a tool to develop the Grail, the means are elements of the oldest esoteric and alchemical knowledge.

Alchemy, it is precisely that knowledge that can be an instrument to purify man from all those components that interfere and cover his true essence, preventing him from developing.

These interfering components are the program-information of the deviant mind and cultural elements, which distance the man from touching and knowing himself, not allowing him to grow.

Some inner elements, such as personality, though not deceitful or deviant in itself, can, if badly used, deceive man, who is not the personality he owns; If anything the personality is one of the many superficial manifestations, and partial manifestations of one’s essence, an event still polluted by a combination of beliefs that have nothing to do with their true nature.

Even the ego, like the personality, is not something negative in itself, when lived giving it the right priority that must be assigned according to the correct criterion that it is up to its function.

Ultimately, therefore, it is not so much an aspect or a way of being or acting to be detrimental to its own growth, but the extent and the way in which we make use of it.

In psychology, the Ego is the "self", or what points the whole person in relation to the environment; The Ego, or the perception of the self, is therefore the structure that you perceive when you enter into relationship with others. Through this perspective, it seems clear that the possible obstacle is not the ego itself, as a psychological reality, but the obsessive and short-sighted attitude of those who, more or less consciously, make the ego satisfy its priority.

Removing all the inner, psychological and cultural elements that prevent us from coming into contact with our true nature, puts us in a position to restore the harmony, the connection and the consequent coordination that will lead to the development of all the true Components of our authentic being, as the representation of the myth of Isis that recomposes the parts of the body of Osiris.

Alchemically this process takes place through three main stages: Nigredo: otherwise called Black Work, in which matter dissolves, decaying.

Albedo: also called White Work, during which the substance is purified, sublimated.

Rubedo: also called Red Work, which represents the final stage in which the essence, now purified, recomposes, staring.

In This process, there is a threshold beyond which the awareness of its own essence is restored, with the consequent possibility of really knowing oneself and seeing things, saved from the influence of all those interferences that otherwise, they prevent us from observing what we have under our own eyes.

The same esoteric Christian symbolism, when speaking of "Kingdom of Heaven", does not describe a place that resides in another place or dimension, but something that is within us, as not reaching the "Kingdom of Heaven" means not perceiving,

In this world in which we live now, the beauty, the joy and the completeness that it can transmit to us, once we have freed ourselves of all those mental and cultural superstructures that deform our vision by diverting our attention and not making us come In contact with our true essence, making us incapable of recognizing what we can really make happy, failing to perceive in ourselves that part of our being that would have it recognized.




Jesus said: An old man who in his days will not hesitate to interrogate a seven-day child about the place of life, will live. Since many first ones will be last, and will become one Only.


Gospel of Thomas




Without prejudice to the symbolism of the 7th, on which we will focus more soon, present not by chance even in the myth of Osiris, freed from the 7 goddesses from captivity imposed by Seth, as in the above passage of the Gospel of Thomas, or in the Cult of Mithra (4) which provides 7 degrees of initiation and in many other contexts, the child is taken for example because it can concentrate all its mental faculties, without being diverted by superstructures and mental conditioning that can precisely divert the complete perception and the consequent intact use of its potential to focus on observing something.


 For a child everything appears for what it is, both the scent of flowers, that animals, landscapes, people, if anything, is the adult who, very often in his obtuse and pretentious superficiality, mistaken for wisdom, inculcates the child mingling Interpretative keys to make it adapt to a coarse and summary system of thought in which he is the first miserable victim, thus leading the young man to the so-called "Dark Age of Vulgar reason".

We must never forget that 7 is exactly like any other symbol, so it sums up and expresses truths through a system of superior communication, comparable, if we want, to a prism, which possesses almost infinite faces to describe one or more Truth, according to infinite modalities and gradations, that each can seize proportionally to the pro-prie personal possibilities.

 Spiritual and esoteric science is a clearly non-conventional science, which is not based and cannot be based on experimental findings that take place according to scientific protocols; We talk about secrets that once penetrated are impossible to describe in words without being diminished, so they are superior to the very skills of language, which makes them even more impossible to measure or classify in any way.

 For this reason, if I wanted to seek another meaning in the above passage of the Gospel of Thomas, I could find at least another meaning, completely different but not inconsistent with the previous one, although not connected to the first interpretation, That is, the 7-day child, described by the apostle, may not be a child in the most obvious sense of the term, but it could be the initiate who achieved all 7 degrees or levels of initiation, and is called child, because reborn after The initiation, which, through a symbolic death, marks a new beginning, freeing it by all those deviant inner influences, which previously did not allow him to observe things with the spontaneous attitude, but deep and without prejudice, characteristic of the type of child described in the passage of the Gospel of Thomas.


"If the doors of perception were purified, everything would appear to man as indeed it is, infinite."William Blake