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Priory of Sion - Illuminati

Priory of Sion and the Illuminati

Recently, especially in the field of digital information, we ran into a lay update of this term now so abused, as distorted and inflated, as to seem almost an accusation, a mark of shame, a dirty word : "Illuminati" .


In that context of improvised counter-information, very different from the independent and capable counter-information, we find a refer to this term, so clumsily and amateurishly by pairing it with fanciful theories and cheesy beyond belief, arbitrarily recriminating indiscriminately and with summary reference to the Initiatory Community in general, regarding hypothetical and generalized responsibility without exception whatsoever to the aforementioned category, about the current political and social disadvantage issues.


It's more constructive in our view, to remember the original value of this term, which maintains, in the correct sense, the same thickness as the meaning of the past; the "Illuminati", originally, were none other than Members of the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati founded by Johann Adam Weishaupt in 1776; Order from which even the Priory of Sion has received influences, mostly philosophical and humanistic.


This is a thought found in the archives of Adam Weishaupt dedicated to certain values ​​belonging to the driving motivation of the Bavarian Illuminati


"The Equality and freedom are fundamental rights that a man, in his original and primitive perfection, received from Nature."


The Order of the Bavarian Illuminati was created on the belief that improving the emancipation of mankind will not be the result of a violent revolution, but a concerted evolution, which will lead to reform the public mind; this revolution can not be born and to be lived through the motions, but must be absolutely individual, so that the individual's path is sufficiently aware to make automatic the cultural-evolutionary leap due.


Even by Wieishaupt archives


"All sciences and all the institutions of the world must be reformed. But such a 'profound reform can not' take place publicly, nor you can 'take quickly: must be universal, it must embrace everything, take care not to theoretical speculations, but measures practically and effectively to bring men to the level of their former dignity "


It can be said, however, that to date, the term "Illuminati", under the correct term, may have acquired, always in the correct context, in addition to its original, a meaning less ethereal and much more concrete, understood as one who is "Enlighted" because he understood its nature, its role in the Universe, its size in relation to God and all that exists; "Enlighted" because, knowing oneself and the Man, understood the reasons why in this society, in this historical moment happens certain events; "Enlighted" because including the reasons for which Humanity is in crisis towards certain issues and why; "Enlighted" precisely because conscious of the anthropological, social and spiritual reason, for which the world actually goes in a certain way and why.


In all these senses, the Priory of Sion does not find anything criminal or reprehensible in the correct definition of the term "Illuminati", since it is not a sense that implicitly includes fraud, deceit or concealment undue or even any deliberate manipulation of truth towards peoples.

Priory of Sion and the Illuminati - Priory of Sion