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Admissions and Initiations

Admissions and Initiations

Admissions and Initiations - Priory of Sion

There are two different kind of Membership.

It is possible to apply both for the Priory of Sion as for our catechism.

Joining the Priory of Sion requires first to have attended one of our "Cercle Sigebert IV", and means becoming an Initiate and join the fraternity.

Applying for our catechism means to study under our guidance but without the bond of Initiation. 



"Priory of Sion"


The Priory of Sion is an initiatory Order of Chivalry.

The admission of a new Member in the Priory of Sion is done initially, after a phase of pre-selectioncalled novitiate.

It is not possible to be admitted to the Priory of Sion without first having attended the "Cercle Sigebert IV".

The Novice will study and be evaluated for a period of time and just if considered suitable for Initiation, then will join the fraternity.


"Cercle Sigebert IV"


This is our catechism, and it is not an initatory Order, but a cultural association with finalities which resides in the spiritual and esoteric research, as philosophical and historical study groups.

The Cercle Sigebert IV, being not a fraternity, does not requires any oath.

Anyone who is seriously interested in joining a spiritual path together with others in our groups, can ask admission.

A catechist which frequented the "Cercle Sigebert IV" for at least 5 months, can apply for novitiate in the Priory of Sion. 


Before contacting us, to apply for admission both to the Priory of Sion or to the "Cercle Sigebert IV", it is essential to first have downloaded, read and accepted the Statute.


To apply for admission to the Priory of Sion or for admission to our catechism through the "Cercle Sigebert IV", just send a simple request with your genuine motivation to the


General Secretary